„Aufatmen“ against Long Covid

„Aufatmen“ is a rehabilitation initiative for Long Covid sufferers, were Ludwig Med partnered with the Arts for Health Austria association and Artwave. The project is based on proven strategies of singing-based respiratory therapy (Singing for Lung Health: SLH) and the knowledge and skills of music therapists as well as classically trained singers. „Aufatmen“ combines art, medicine and music therapy.

Ludwig Med provides its technology and contributes its know-how in the field of functional music, music effects research and music medicine/music therapy as well as the artistic competence in the field of composition and arrangement.

In the form of a six-week training, it offers support for Long Covid-related breathing problems and other characteristic symptoms such as anxiety, states of exhaustion or mood swings. Special emphasis is placed on knowledge transfer and counselling for those affected, so that they can literally breathe again and revitalise themselves.

With multimedia content specially designed for the patients, the recovery process is also promoted through the enjoyment of music, exchange in the group and the opportunity for self-reflection.

Although experiences in England have already confirmed the effectiveness of such strategies for Long Covid, „Aufatmen“ is accompanied by a clinical study. This study documents changes in the subjective well-being of the participants as well as their lung function.
The practical implementation (weekly sessions with breathing and voice training) takes place exclusively under the guidance of professional music therapists and voice coaches. Classes can be attended online and, as far as the Corona situation allows, on site in Vienna. Interested parties can register now for free participation at www.aufatmen-austria.eu.

„Every human voice is unique,“ says Jennifer Davison, who is artistically supervising the project together with Bea Robein. „However, it is important for us to emphasise that „Aufatmen“ is a breathing training that does not require any previous musical knowledge. Therefore, one should not be put off by the idea of singing with us! On the contrary, people who have never come into contact with music at all are also invited to join.“

The project will conclude in November with a soirée at Cape 10. The artists involved will demonstrate the healing power of music together with the participants.

Artists involved in the project include: KS Adrian Eröd, baritone and ensemble member of the Vienna State Opera; Rebecca Nelsen, soprano and ensemble member of the Volksoper Wien; Anna Nekhames, soprano and ensemble member of the Vienna State Opera and Volksoper Wien; the Alliance Quartet and Delbeau Film. Cesár Sampson (third place winner at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018) acts as Ambassador for „Aufatmen“ in a new role for him.

The project is scientifically evaluated and medically accompanied by Dr. Gerhard Tucek, Mag. Marlies Sobotka and Iris Zoderer, MA, as well as by the lung specialists Dr. Michaela Popp and Dr. Milos Petrovic, with the support of the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems. The breathing and music training is designed in cooperation with our music therapists from the IMC and led by the voice coaches Johanna von der Deken and Monica Theiss-Eröd.