Long Covid?

We´re here to help!

Do you suffer from Long Covid? Do you experience significant limitations in your personal well-being?

Together with Arts for Health Austria, we have initiated a non-clinical bute evidence-based intervention that focuses on the participatory, artistic process.

The corona pandemic has given rise to a new syndrome – Long Covid. 

Long covid describes the long-term consequences of a corona virus infection. If symptoms persist for longer than twelve weeks or if new symptoms appear, this is called long covid. A severe course of the acute infection is a major risk factor, but long covid also affects people with an initially mild course. The symptoms observed in studies are very broad, with over 50 possible symptoms reported. Due to the novelty of the clinical picture and the very different clinical presentations, there is so far no uniform definition for long-term sequelae. The most common complaints mentioned by those affected were severe fatigue, shortness of breath, difficulty concentrating or symptoms of at least mild depression or anxiety disorder.

„Aufatmen“ is a rehabilitation initiative for Long Covid sufferers.
The project is based on proven strategies of singing-based respiratory therapy (Singing for Lung Health: SLH) and the knowledge and skills of music therapists as well as classically trained singers. „Aufatmen“ combines art, medicine and music therapy.

Would you like to join? Register here: https://www.aufatmen-austria.eu/register/

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